Services Schema

The following table lists the metadata elements used in describing services in Will's World.

Element Internal Repeatable Required Description Indexed
Identifying metadata
dc:identifier Y N Y Unique record identifier that we generate based on the name of the resource; searchable so it can be used in Solr as a unique id. Y N
ww:relevancy-score Y N N A SOLR relevancy score. The relevancy score is completely internal and does not need any value mapped from other metadata. It may however be presented in a M2M interface. N Y
dc:title N N Y Title of the service. Y Y
dc:source [@xsi:type="dcterms:URI"] N N Y Primary URL for the service/resource. This should be the introductory page of the service, or an about or introductory page. N Y
Descriptive metadata
dc:description N N Y A description of the service; may include text from several other fields, concatenated or organised under subelements.
The text should be structured using XML elements. As far as possible, the text should also read well if the elements are stripped out.
Several pieces of metadata that don't naturally fit into other fields will be included here. Their values should be searchable through Solr text search even though they do not have a dedicated field.
dc:subject N Y N The subject of the records or objects provided by the resource, for example the name of a specific play, or a type of artefact. This should be taken from a controlled vocabulary of types. It may be useful to incorporate FRBR terms. Y Y
dc:type [@xsi:type="dcterms:DCMIType"] N Y N The type or format of the object metadata available from the resource. This should be taken from a controlled vocabulary of types such as the DCMI Type Vocabulary. Y Y
Attribution metadata
N N N A rights statement for the service. Free text. There can only be one definitive rights statement. If the ww:license URI is also present, this may just be the name of a license type. N Y
ww:license [@xsi:type="dcterms:URI"] N N N Link to a license description for the service, e.g. CC3, GNU, etc. This can be supplementary or alternative to the ww:rights statement. N Y
dc:creator N Y N The creator of the resource; usually the organisation or institution providing the resource. Full names should be preferred over abbreviations (which can be supplied in brackets). Y Y
dc:contributor N Y N A contributor to the realisation, or a maintainer, of the resource; often an editor. N Y
ww:apidoc [@xsi:type="dcterms:URI"] N Y N A link to API documentation for the resource, if appropriate. This field can also contain a URI to more general usage documentation, and can have multiple values. N Y
Search interface metadata
ww:search_url [@xsi:type="dcterms:URI"] N Y N A link to a search interface. This could be a manual interface or a RESTful interface. There can therefore be multiple entries for this field. N Y
ww:sparql_url [@xsi:type="dcterms:URI"] N N N A link to a SPARQL endpoint, if available. N Y
ww:shakespeare_id N N N The id used to represent the entity "Shakespeare" in the SPARQL interface. We allow this to be recorded as it is often hard to find. N Y