Metadata Schema

The following table lists all the metadata elements allowed in the Will's World schema. All collected metadata must be mapped to conform to this schema.

Element Internal Repeatable Required Description Indexed
Identifying metadata
dc:identifier Y N Y Unique record identifier, generated by Solr when the record is added; made searchable so it can be used in Solr as a unique id. Y N
ww:alt_identifier N Y N One or more alternative identifiers, such as ISBN, LCCN, dewey decimal etc. Y Y
ww:relevancy-score Y N N A SOLR relevancy score. The relevancy score is completely internal and does not need any value mapped from other metadata. It may however be presented in a M2M interface. N Y
dc:source [@xsi:type="dcterms:URI"] N N Y URL for original resource N Y
dc:relation [@xsi:type="dcterms:URI"] N Y N URL for related resources N Y
Descriptive metadata
dc:type [@xsi:type="dcterms:DCMIType"] N N Y The type of the record or object or resource. This should be taken from a controlled vocabulary of types. Y Y
dcterms:extent N Y N The extent of the object; this can be the duration of audio/video, the size of a file, a reference to the pages of text. The type of the information presented should be clarified using XML elements. N Y
dc:title N N Y Title of the described resource. Y Y
dc:alternative N Y N An alternative title, including subtitles, long titles, alternative and translated titles. Y Y
dc:description N N Y A description of the item; may include text from several other fields, concatenated or organised under subelements.
The text should be structured using XML elements. As far as possible, the text should also read well if the elements are stripped out.
Several pieces of metadata that don't naturally fit into other fields will be included here. Their values should be searchable through Solr text search even though they do not have a dedicated field.
ww:link-to-wills-world [@xsi:type="dcterms:URI"] Y N Y Persistent URL to view item record in WW N Y
ww:thumbnail-url [@xsi:type="dcterms:URI"] N Y N URL of a thumbnail image if available. N Y
dc:created [@xsi:type="xsd:date"] N Y N Date of 'creation' or publication. This may be interpreted slightly differently depending on the type of object, but in general is the date on which the object being described came into being. The object described may be a digital resource. Y Y
dc:date N Y N DC says "A point or period of time associated with an event in the lifecycle of the resource."
This should be the date of the content of the resource, i.e. of the item represented in a digitisation, rather than the digital item itself. May also represent e.g. life dates of a person.
The content should be structured using XML to indicate what event is being described.
dc:subject N Y N Subjects covered by the resource. This can be topics, people, places, time periods. The specific type can be indicated by a subelement or attribute. Y Y
dc:language N Y N Language of a resource. N Y
dcterms:spatial N Y N Spatial characteristics of the resource. This is generally the geographical location of the subject of the resource, described by name or coordinates. This is also used for describing e.g. objects in a collection, and includes physical characteristics such as material and size. Y Y
dcterms:temporal N Y N Temporal characteristics of the resource - "may be a named period, date, or date range". Child elements should elaborate detail. Y Y
N N N This represents "the source from which an electronic text was derived or generated, typically a bibliographic description". It may also be the source of the text which was used in the production of the values in a field. Those entities with no source text may be declared "born-digital".
The field may reference a particular Shakespeare version or edition (e.g. Riverside, Moby etc), using appropriate fields such as "edition".
Attribution metadata
N Y Y The person(s) and/or organization(s) who must be credited when an item is displayed. Free text and repeatable. Y Y
N N N A rights statement for the item. Free text. There can only be one definitive rights statement. If the ww:license URI is also present, this may just be the name of a license type. N Y
ww:license [@xsi:type="dcterms:URI"] N N N Link to a license description for the item, e.g. CC3, GNU, etc. This can be supplementary or alternative to the ww:rights statement. It can also be a link to a Terms and Conditions statement, if this is what is available. N Y
dc:creator N Y N The creator of the resource; often an author. If no value is available, the providing institution may be used. Y Y
dc:contributor N Y N A contributor to the realisation of the resource; often an editor. N Y
dc:publisher N Y N Anyone involved in the production of the resource; often publisher but also sponsor, funder. Could be read as "non-creative contributor". N Y
tei:pubPlace N Y N Where a book was published (or an item produced) N Y
tei:authority N Y N The name of a person or other agency responsible for making an electronic file available, other than a publisher or distributor. N Y